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otherbookTraitors From Inside Out

You won’t want to miss the first novel in the Traitors’ Trilogy.

Martina inherits control of Althonat, a medical company, from her father and faces formidable challenges.

A group of corrupt politicians and businessmen has hired a mad scientist and his drug-addled lackeys to perform inhuman experiments on unwilling human test subjects.

The objective of the grotesque experiments is the development of a horrifically toxic compound that will then be marketed as a new wonder drug. As the drug spread through the population serious health complication begin to crop up. In return, Martina collects the evidence needed to expose their misdeeds, including corporate espionage, illegal experimentantion, human trafficking and murder. All the while, Martina is torn between her affection for two men: her ex-husband, and a compassionate colleague.

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The third book in the trilogy, Traitors Beyond Insanity is coming soon.