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When Martina’s parents die and leave her and her brother, Sebastian, a mass fortune, she unveils a sinister plot to exterminate humanity. It is the engrossing story of Martina, a young woman, who is fated to save the world from utter destruction. A riveting tale filled with action, suspense and deception in a world consumed by greed, corruption and dreams that failed, leaving the masses grasping for hope that one fine morning the powers of evil will be vanquished. Will Martina stand long enough against the evil powers to save humanity or will she save her own skin.

Praise for M.M. Justine’s new book, Traitors Unleashed:

“It is grabbing with livid intensity, genuine sensitivity, and a real understanding of the human condition.”

—Elizabeth T.

“It is captivating . . . I loved it.”

—Joelia N.

“It will keep you spellbound to the last page.”

—Margareta Dawn

Published by Authorhouse

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